Justin Bieber Voted Nation’s Worst Celebrity Spectacle Wearer

Justin Bieber has hit number one – as the worst celebrity spectacle wearer. A new national British survey has revealed that Bieber has won a superstar battle, pipping Rihanna to the crown of spectacular spectacle style victim. Katy Perry, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Cheryl Cole were voted behind the duo in the national pick of the most embarrassing spectacle wearers. Celebrities have drawn scorn for embracing the fashion trend incorrectly – associated stars have been dubbed ‘asses in glasses’ on Twitter. The London Vision Clinic survey (carried out by TNS), questioned 1,027 16-64 year olds across GB. The results have been revealed in the wake of Justin’s 18th birthday celebrations. Spectacles have become a fashion accessory in recent years but style failures are becoming increasingly common. Professor Dan Reinstein, London Vision Clinic’s world-leading, laser eye expert, commented: “I’d like to congratulate and perhaps extend condolences to Justin Bieber – he beat some big superstars to the title! If he’d like to get rid of those glasses, we’d be happy to treat him. We will donate the proceeds of his procedure to the charity of his choice.” Justin Bieber 78% Rihanna 10% Katy Perry 4% Justin Timberlake 3% David Beckham 3% Cheryl Cole 2% Beiber’s fate is in contrast to Max George from boy band The Wanted, voted in November as the current national spectacle wearer of the year. Turning 18 provides extra good news for Justin Bieber – it now means that he no longer has to make a spectacle of himself and is legally old enough to have any laser eye surgery required. “I am sorry that the nation feels that Justin is the worst looking person in glasses,” Professor Reinstein added. “He may not realise that treatment is now so advanced that virtually anyone wearing glasses can be helped. Even international pop stars.”