Justin Bieber, the New Face of Proactiv

Justin Bieber is the newest face to join the ranks of celeb-fave acne fighting system Proactiv. Other celebrities who have represented the brand include Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Avril Lavigne and Jennifer Love Hewitt. “We did it because the kid uses it,” says Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun. “I never want to do anything with Justin’s brand that isn’t organic. He isn’t manufactured.” As for Justin, he, too, has stories to share. “I’m definitely someone who suffers from acne. I’m a teenage boy! One time I had a zit on the end of my nose and everybody in my band was calling me Rudolph. And you know, I was laughing about it. But deep down it hurt a little bit. So I use Proactiv so my face doesn’t get like that. Proactiv is a great thing!” “Some people might say: ‘Justin Bieber? He doesn’t have acne, why is he doing Proactiv?’ But, you know, it’s about preventing getting acne. Proactiv is the way to go. It just makes you feel so much better about yourself.” Bieber will receive $3 million for his 2 year endorsement.