Justin Bieber now available in doll form

Just when you though Bieber fever couldn’t spread any further, the teen music star will now be hitting the toy store shelves. Justin Bieber dolls are due out on December 4–just in time for the holidays.

Merchandising company Bravado and The Bridge Direct has launched the line of Bieber collectible figurines. The dolls come in outfits Justin wore in his music videos and each one plays a 30 second clip of the featured song–either “Baby” or “One Less Lonely Girl.”  They also come with a mini fan magazine. One doll features Bieber in a green hoodie and comes with an acoustic guitar and microphone in hand. Another doll depicts him in a leather jacket with a directors style chair. All the dolls have the same facial expression and perfectly sculpted plastic hair in the famous Bieber shag. These dolls will definitely be on the top of many young girl’s Christmas lists this year.