July 22nd is Gonna Be Totally Awesome!

April 9-11 were some very magical dates back in 2009.  Those were the dates of Team StarKid’s performance of A Very Potter Musical! A Very Potter Musical, or AVPM, is a fan-made musical made up of characters, plot points, and spells from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books. It quickly became a hit when they posted both acts on You Tube. Just recently, Team StarKid performed the highly anticipated A Very Potter Sequel, which is, of course, the sequel to AVPM.  And now, the YouTube video premiere of AVPS is July 22nd at 8 PM EST! I’m sure AVPM fans all over (who weren’t able to go to the performance, like this fan right here) are gearing up to watch the show online and delight in the humor, music, and magic of AVPS. Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Channel.  Be sure to watch AVPM if you haven’t yet, then get ready to watch AVPS in two days… It’s gonna be totally awesome!