Judy Blume’s Battle with Cancer

(PCM) Best-selling author Judy ┬áBlume, 74, is battling breast cancer. The author of popular children’s books (“Blubber”, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret”) opened up about her recent cancer diagnosis in a blog post, announcing that she underwent a mastectomy following the shocking diagnosis in June. She wrote:
“The biopsy report came back a few days later while I was with my (gynaecologist) in her office (a long standing appointment).” “It was good that I wasn’t alone and that she, who has been my doctor for seventeen years, could explain it to me. Very early. Very small. Well differentiated. All good news. But it was invasive ductal carcinoma.”
She continued:
“Now it’s one month post surgery – I’m still in NY and feeling stronger every day, walking a couple of miles in the park each morning and going out to early dinners with George. Have seen movies and a couple of plays, as you know if you follow me on Twitter. I’m able to read again without falling asleep. Which doesn’t mean I don’t need a nap every day.”
For more information, or to follow Judy, check out her blog here.

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