Josh Duhamel “Pissed” Over Movie Poster

The Life as We Know It movie poster (pictured left) is causing a bit of stir with one of it’s cast members. Josh Duhamel, who is pictured in his underwear taking a big swig of alcohol, isn’t too happy with the poster.  According to WENN, Duhamel has expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision publicly. Okay, by publicly, it means Katherine Hiegl couldn’t keep her big mouth shut for 5 minutes.  So, whether or not Duhamel actually feels this way, or wanted it public, is up for debate. Regardless, Hiegl said, “Unfortunately they threw that at him. In the movie there’s a scene where he’s walking around in his underwear chasing the baby and they kind of threw it in last minute because they thought it would be funny. But poor kid, he’s pissed.” It wouldn’t exactly be surprising.  Duhamel seems like a stand-up guy, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he made an off-hand comment about how they chose the underwear shot of him for some cheap reason.  However, I seriously doubt Duhamel would ever want to make that public, or be genuinely upset about the whole thing. We’ll never know, but Katherine Hiegl said it. Written by Lee C. Jaster on