Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato: LIVE on Good Morning America

By: Bernadette Giacomazzo The Camp Rock 2 stars brought out the tweeners – and their parents – in droves. But while the entire album will please “Camp Rock” followers, it’s the songs with the bigger heart that have deeper meaning for Lovato. “I’m really excited for fans to hear pretty much all the songs. A lot of the songs are really fun and they’re dance songs, but there’s also songs that are kind of emotional,” Lovato told MTV News. ” ‘It’s Not Too Late,’ I really enjoyed singing it. I loved performing it,” she added. “And also ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’ is a song that’s really fun to perform because I really get to showcase my voice.” Of course fans will enjoy hearing “Wouldn’t Change a Thing,” if only because it reunites Lovato and Joe Jonas — on record, at least. “Yeah, it sounds really great [performed live],” she said. “And it’s fun too. We’re having a good time with it.” Check out more pics below!