Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger Begins Shooting

  After a rough start, the filming of Johnny Depp’s star-studded Lone Ranger project has finally begun.   The latest Disney collaboration was shelved due to budgetary concerns six months ago, but has been picked up again by producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Goreverbinski. Shooting has kicked off in the southwestern United States. Johnny Depp stars as Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s faithful sidekick and Social Network breakout star Armie Hammer will play the titular role. Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson, William Fitchner, and Ruth Wilson are also attached to the project. The reboot of the comedic Western will center around Tonto’s recount about  John Reid’s transformation into the justice-seeking Lone Ranger, which means a lot of Johnny Depp screentime! Depp has been involved with the movie ever since Bruckheimer first brought the idea to Disney. The movie will be shot in New Mexico and will move on to various locations including Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.