John Cena is About to Grant His 500th Wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

John_Cena_Make_A_Wish(PCM) WWE United States Champion and all-around good guy John Cena is only a few days away from granting his 500th wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, making him the top celebrity/athlete wish granter by a long shot. Cena will grant his 500th wish on Monday, August 24th, before WWE Monday Night Raw at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn New York, when he grants the wish of 8 year-old Rocco of Queens, New York. Rocco, battling Leukemia, wished for the opportunity to hang out with the positivity-spreading WWE superstar/rapper/actor, and very deservedly, his wish will come true in just a few days. In a world where it seems like everyone you know is constantly busy answering emails, running to meetings, tweeting, Instagramming, snapchatting, and getting caught up in their own world, it’s always refreshing (not to mention heartwarming) to hear about a celebrity taking the time out of their packed schedule to give back and use their fame for good. John Cena has been giving back for years, granting hundreds of wishes to children in the Make-A-Wish Foundation and even donating millions of airline miles for wishes that required traveling. In 2009, Cena was awarded the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award, an award given to celebrities who dedicate time to improving the lives of children battling life-threatening illnesses and diseases, and in 2011, the WWE superstar was honored for granting the most wishes (300) of any celebrity/athlete since Make-A-Wish’s establishment in 1980. “John Cena’s slogan, ‘Never Give Up,’ is a constant source of inspiration for wish kids and serves as a reminder to stay strong and keep pushing through the difficult times,” said David Williams, Make-A-Wish America President and CEO. “The fact that he has had the sustained success required to reach 500 wishes speaks volumes about the type of person John is and the quality of the wish experience he delivers.” “There is no more humbling experience than a child who could ask for anything in the world asking to meet me,” said WWE Superstar John Cena. “I have faced some of the toughest Superstars in WWE history and I’ve never encountered more bravery or toughness than I see in each wish kid that I meet. It is inspiring to see the impact that granting wishes can have and I look forward to granting 500 more.” As a celebration of his work, Make-A-Wish and WWE are hosting a party in his honor at a Dave & Buster’s in NYC on Friday, August 21st, featuring Make-A-Wish America President and CEO David Williams, WWE Divas The Bella Twins, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, WWE Superstar Sheamus, wish kids and their families, and of course, John Cena. For more information on Make-A-Wish and their long-standing partnership with WWE, visit