Jodie Foster Defends K-Stew

Remember back in 2002 when Columbia Pictures put out an action thriller that took place in a room? When they gave one of the main parts to a young Kristen Stewart. If Panic Room comes to mind then we are on the same page, or the same scene. Back before Stewart was running around with cold-blooded dazzling vampires, she was trying to survive in a panic room with co-star Jodie Foster. After dragging myself through four installments of the Twilight series, I was shocked to watch that movie again and see K-Stew as an 11-year-old baby. Fast forward a decade later, and the two former co-stars are still on good terms. After the news broke-out about Stewart’s cheating on Robert Pattinson, the media exploded. Every news outlet wanted to report on how Bella broke Edward’s heart. Well, 49-year-old Foster still feels she needs to protect her on-screen daughter. According to E! Online, Foster put out several statements in the Daily Beast that bashed the media frenzy surrounding this whole event. She describes how unfair it is for the media to exploit people’s privacy. In there she talks about her time with Stewart on set. Describing how much laughter they shared while filming, so much so that Foster said she grew to really love her on-screen child. She gave Stewart some advice so she doesn’t panic… “this too shall pass.”