Jason Kidd Charged with DWI

A major foul for Jason Kidd! The NBA all-star crashed his car into a telephone pole earlier this morning in Southampton, NY. According to authorities, Kidd was driving intoxicated and alone when the accident occurred around 2 A.M. Fortunately, he was let out of the hospital with only minor injuries to attend to. As far as legal injuries go, the final verdict was that he was arraigned on a misdemeanor DWI charge. What a stupid thing to do for anyone, but also specifically for Kidd. He just signed a deal with the Knicks earlier this July after being with the Dallas Mavericks. Seems he has so far made a negative mark in the Big Apple. Oh, and he also has a baby on the way. So hopefully the next time he is apart of the press, it will be a full-court one against the Lakers.