Jared James Abrahams, Miss Teen USA Hacker, Sentenced To 18 Months

Teen-USA1(PCM) Jared James Abrahams, the teenage hacker, who was accused of blackmailing young women across the globe with compromising images, has been formally sentenced to 18 months in prison. Abrahams is said to have hacked into over 150 online accounts over a two year period when his crimes were committed, with one of those computers belonging to Miss Teen USA winner Cassidy Wolf. Abrahams was arrested back in the beginning of 2013 and plead guilty to one count of computer hacking and three counts of extortion during his trial back in November. Abrahams specifically targeted women he knew personally or discovered when hacking into their Facebook pages. He was able to take over their social media accounts and computers and then use this access to turn on the computers remotely and take images when the victims were naked.¬†Abrahams then demanded money from the victims by threatening to post the images and videos to the public. This case should act as a warning to all internet users to be incredibly careful about the images and video they post online and be sure to keep your web cam covered when the computer or device is not in use.