iThievery: $112,000 Worth of iPads Stolen from Brooklyn Best Buy

Now, I’m wondering… did they sneak these iPads out under their shirts… what? If each iPad is $700 (not an unreasonable number), that means that they stole ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY iPADS. That sort of merchandise doesn’t JUST go missing. I smell an inside job. Anyway, the New York Daily News is reporting that four lightning-fast bandits busted into a Brooklyn Best Buy store and made off with more than $100,000 worth of iPads in a matter of minutes Wednesday, police said. The tablet-craving crooks hit the gadget store in the Gateway Plaza in East New York (not a safe area by any means) about 4 a.m. They broke through the front door, busted their way into a locked office, grabbed $112,000 worth of iPads and fled. All that, in under four minutes. That’s New York for you, folks!