Is Twilight Getting the Reboot Treatment?

Before the final film of the “Twilight” franchise has even been released in theatres, there has already been talk of rebooting the series; as if the world isn’t nauseated hearing about Edward and Bella’s vampire romance or watching Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson sweep every Teen Choice Awards. According to Bloody Disgusting, executives from Lionsgate and Summit have been chatting privately about a potential franchise remake, although few details have been revealed and Lionsgate has denied such claims. In an interview with, movie chief Rob Friedman said there are no current plans to reboot the series. Stranger things have happened though. Point in case this summer’s “The Amazing Spiderman,” a reboot hitting theatres only five years after Tobey Maguire rocked the Spidey suit in director Sam Raimi’s adaptations. It’s not secret that “Twilight” has been a cash cow for Summit Entertainment, bringing in over $2.5 billion globally since the first film was released in November of 2008 before “Breaking Dawn Part 2” has even opened in theatres. Whether or not “Twilight” fans would be willing to spend their hard earned dollars on movie tickets on another set of movies, most likely without hearthrob Robert Pattinson, is another question. Summit, which was purchased by Lionsgate last year, will have no problem bringing in money once “Twilight” is gone thanks to another massive YA series you may have heard of: “The Hunger Games.”  With two sequels in the works and a potential third movie if the studio decides to break up “Mockingjay,” Lionsgate will be sitting pretty. While news of the “Twilight” may just be a rumor, we should not rule out the possibility just yet. ”We are not remaking ‘Twilight.’ We will happily support Stephanie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change,” Friedman said. Looks like whatever the author says, goes. And for the movie industry’s sake and as well as our own, let’s hope she says no.