Instagram Plans To Experiment With New Algorithm And Users Are Not Pleased


(PCM) Instagram has revealed their plans to experiment with a new algorithm that will begin to customize a users feeds based upon the posts and friends that they typically “Like”, making it much the same as your daily Facebook feed. Let’s not forget that Facebook actually own Instagram, so many of these changes should not come as much of a surprise. The current Instagram feed allows users to view recent posts in chronological order and whether or not they “Like” a post has no bearing on its’ placement within the feed.  With the new algorithm, if you hit “Like” on a users post, it will automatically nudge them higher in your feed in the future. Most users are not happy about the change as they feel they should be able to have control over what they do and don’t want to see on their social media feeds. Despite the backlash, Instagram still plans to test the new algorithm and hopes that users will be happier in the long run.