In The Land of Oz, The Spider Eats the Snake!

This is probably the scariest thing you will see all day. You have been forewarned. Cairns is a town in Australia that most people wouldn’t even think existed. Yet, after these photos — taken by native Ant Hadleigh — have surfaced on the web, it’s guaranteed that NO ONE will forget the name “Cairns” anytime soon. In normal circumstances, snakes can eat spiders without a problem. But what you’re seeing here is the so-called Golden Orb Spider (which, according to Wikipedia, comes from the color of the web they weave, not of their body color — and, if it makes you feel any better, its venom is “potent, but not lethal, to humans.” I know…suddenly, I feel so much better…) chowing down on a Brown Tree Snake (it should be noted that this species of snake is responsible for devastating the majority of the bird population in Guam) that measured about 1 meter long (approximately 3 1/4 feet). Let’s review for a minute, shall we? The Brown Tree Snake DESTROYED almost a whole island’s worth of birds. Yet, when it came face-to-face with this Golden Orb Spider, it didn’t stand a chance. Right then. You can visit this website if you want to see the rest of the pictures.