Iggy Azalea Claims That Papa Johns Leaked Her Digits


(PCM) Instead of tweeting about her excitement or anticipation for her appearance at the 57th Grammy Awards, “Fancy” singer Iggy Azalea took to her Twitter account to slam Papa Johns pizza for leaking out her personal cell phone number. Azalea posted the following tweet, which claims that Papa Johns used to be her favorite pizza until one of the drivers apparently gave out her personal cell phone number to one of their family members. In fairness to Azalea, she is really just looking for some answers and Papa Johns appears to be taking the entire situation as a big joke. They even went as far as to tweet back at Azalea using her own song title as a witty response.   Bad move Papa Johns .. totally not funny! Azalea went on to tweet that she still has yet to receive any real answers from Papa Johns and alluded that a supervisor even said to her “Don’t worry, his mom has spoken to him”.  So unprofessional. Something tells us that the delivery driver will be out of a job fairly soon.