How The Debate Over The Dress Almost Broke The Internet


(PCM) Almost every other debate or argument that typically takes place on the internet was put aside as everyone began to weigh-in with their opinions on #Dressgate. It all started when a Tumblr user posted an image of a dress and asked for the public’s assistance to settle a debate among a few friends about the actual color of the dress. The post read “[G]uys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the f*** out”.  The question sparked up a firestorm of activity and confusion as seemingly people are completely split in the way that they view the dress. Many users agreed that the dress was indeed gold and white, while others saw the complete opposite and viewed the dress in black and blue. For the record, the dress appeared to me to be gold and white, however it was interesting to note that published an image of the Tumblr poster allegedly wearing the dress in question and clearly in that particular photo (posted below) the dress is black and blue. After I viewed the black and blue dress wearing image, I then took a look back at the original picture and only then was I able to pick up a few shades of blue.


The color of the dress remains a mystery and many experts feel that the reason why some of us see different colors is based upon the way the light is reflected off the image. That is only one reason and it is surprising that a small Tumblr post about a dress has even left many vision and image experts completely and totally baffled. It even has me freaked out, because now that I am done put together this article, I am now beginning to actually see the dress in blue and black. It is just unreal! What color do you see what you look at the dress? Did looking at the image of the girl wearing the dress change the color for you at all?