How NOT To Avoid Jury Duty, 101

Susan Cole of Denver, Colorado managed to get out of serving jury duty last summer, but she now faces her own day in court. The cosmetologist and author stood out in the jury pool with her badly applied make-up, hair in curlers and mismatched clothes. She told District Judge Anne Mansfield that she “broke out of domestic violence in the military” and also suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The judge promptly dismissed her. Unfortunately for Cole, she couldn’t resist calling in to a radio show and bragging about her deceit. She told the Denver’s “Dave Logan Show” that she went to court disheveled to appear mentally ill. “For about two weeks after when my roommate and I would think about it, or I would tell my clients about it, we would cry we would laugh so hard,” she reportedly told the show. Even more unfortunately for Cole, an investigator from the District Attorney’s office was listening to the show and tracked her down. Oops! Prosecutors have charge her with two felonies: perjury and attempting to influence a public servant. Cole’s  arrest affadavit says she felt emotionally drained and unprepared to serve on a jury after wrongly believing her cousin was in a fatal accident. Prosecutors say she couldn’t prove her PTSD diagnosis. Cole is expected to surrender to police later this week. Lady, it would have a whole lot easier to have done your civic duty and served.