HotSpot Review: Dash New York!

The Kardashian antics continue, but this time in the big apple. Kourtney & Kim Take New York premieres this Sunday, on E! at 10 PM ET/PT. The Kardashian sisters will be able to show off their new Dash store location in Soho, NY. They have been running this clothing store chain for quite some time. Their first store opened up in their hometown of Calabassass, CA. Their next store was in Florida, featured in the Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami season, and now they have decided to take their name to the city. As a dedicated fan who likes to “keep up with the Kardashians,” I made my way into Soho to check out their fashion sense. The girls definitely chose a prime location for the store, considering the Soho area is well-known for fashion. Basically, you go there if you want to shop.Walking up to the store, I did not see any line, which puzzled me. I was preparing myself for at least a one hour wait to buy an overpriced pair of socks. They did have a security guard monitoring the flow of people that came in and out of the store. As I continued past the guard, I came into what I thought was an unfinished setup. The store was quite bare, but it was clean, neat and well-decorated.There were white Christmas trees in the background, and large flower arrangements placed on each table. I went into the store with the intention of purchasing something, just so I can tweet about it later. But, when I saw a dress and a peacoat jacket listed at $400 and $600, I opted to go for something more casual. So, I headed over to a pair of sweatpants that appeared thin, and were designed with leopard prints. Something I feel I have already tried on in another store like Forever21 or Wet Seal. As I mauled over this purchase, I immediately threw them down in horror when I saw they were $90. I believe a laugh even followed after the initial shock. I saw bottle of water across the room, and felt I was thirsty enough to purchase at least one of those. Until, I read the sign below them saying, “Bottled Water – $10.” Does this water have a dietary agent inside to make me lose weight in under ten minutes? Does it have one of their QuickTrim pills in their? Does this water cure cancer? I just didn’t understand why they would price a small, thin bottle of water at $10?So, basically Dash is extremely over-priced. At least for myself who frequents stores such as Target, Kohl’s, Forever21 and Marshall’s. For anyone who does not mind spending that money on a Kardashian outfit or a bottle of water, I must say their clothing was beyond stylish. Their main pieces were perfect for a night out in New York City. Considering the prices and the fact that these clothes look like something the sisters would wear, I felt I was trespassing inside their personal closets. Although the girls were not there, one employee explained how they were at the New York location a lot during the filming of the show. The people who worked there were friendly and helpful. And, can probably be seen this Sunday when the show premieres.