Hoodrat Commandment #1: Never Let a Baby Get in the Way of a Good Brawl

In today’s episode of The Subway Chronicles, let’s take a look at what happened on the L train yesterday. (FYI: The L train runs through Brooklyn, specifically, the Williamsburg area.) According to what a witness told Animal New York, this was a multi-platform, multi-stop, all-out Mortal Combat style fight…over a seat. Really, ladies? A SEAT?! Wigs go flying & THE BABY STROLLER ROLLS OFF THE TRAIN FOR A SEAT?! Other people — strangers, I might add — are taking care of your child while you go swinging FOR A SEAT?! And the best part of all: the cops never showed up (there are way too many Dunkin’ Donuts shops in the greater NYC area…) and CPS never removed the child from this “mother’s” care. You’ve got to love CPS: they never respond when a child is in actual danger, but Heaven forbid a child falls off the monkey bars & scrapes his knee… Unbelievable. Check the video madness below. RATCHEDNESS!