Have You Been Hit With The #LavaChallenge Yet?

(PCM) Yet another silly internet challenge has hit social media and this one is based on the old childhood game of pretending the floor is made of lava. Remember back in the day someone would yell “The floor is lava” and then everyone would immediately have to jump off the floor and onto the couch or a table and chairs so their feet wouldn’t be on the ground! This silly game has now spawned the #LavaChallenge and the rules are pretty much the same. People, mostly teens, are pranking their friends by yelling out “The floor is lava” and then filming their friends reactions as they immediately attempt to hop off the ground to safety. The results have been hilarious with people hopping up into trash cans in the park and literally onto store shelves at the grocery store. The trend picked up online after social media personalities Kevin Freshwater and Jahanna James began posting videos of themselves playing the game and Jahnna ended up in a park trashcan!

The more awkward the location, the better the prank becomes, but isn’t that how it works with any of these internet challenges? At least this one is relatively harmless, so long as no one breaks any merchandise while in a store … oops!