High School Senior Expelled Over F-Bomb

A high school senior from Indiana will not be graduating with his class at Garrett High School because he has been expelled for cursing on Twitter. Thats right, Austin Carroll was expelled from his high school, just months before graduation, for using the f-word…on Twitter! He didn’t curse out a teacher, administrator, or even a student…he was tweeting. According to sources, it wasn’t directed at someone; it was not an act of internet bullying. It’s just your basic teenage, immature tweet: “F—ing is one of those f—ing words you can f—ing put anywhere in a f—ing sentence and it still f—ing make sense.” Immature and inappropriate? Yes. Worthy of expulsion? I’m not so sure. But one thing is certain: this kid will probably never let another curse slip from his mouth – or fingertips – again!