Hearse Parade Sets New World Record

Hearse enthusiasts have set a new world record in Hell. Hell, Michigan, that is. This past Saturday, the car club “Just Hearse’N Around” managed to gather together 51 hearses together in the annual Last Rides Reunion Hearse Show to earn the record for “Largest Parade of Hearses.” While Guinness will still need to verify the record, the club needed at least 50 hearses to qualify for the category and, in truth, it was a close call. The parade, which was set to start at 4:30 pm, only had 49 hearses, so they waited and at 4:45 pm the 50th hearse arrived to applause. By the time the parade took off around 5 pm, a 51st hearse, the only working professional one in the group, had joined as well. The organizers of the annual parade, Just Hearse’N Around and Screams Ice Cream and Halloween, had tried to set the record last year but only 43 hearses showed up. According to Steve Frey, head of Just Hearse’N Around, people came from as far away as Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to partake in the record-setting parade. Overall, it mixed both costumed and normally dressed hearse drivers, all of which shared in the happy-go-lucky attitude that Just Hearse’N Around aims to embody. Frey also said that the hearse club will continue to host this car show each September in Hell, about 45 miles west of Detroit, in hopes of potentially breaking their own record. It’s amazing the records that are just waiting to be set!