Have You Seen This Chain? If So, You Can Get $20,000!

Houston rapper Sun (first on left, next to Lloyd Banks) had his chain stolen from him yesterday from a Denny’s parking lot. In addition to his chain, the Zoo Life rapper — who has worked with everyone from Tony Yayo to Slim Thug — has also lost his laptop (with all of his files) and a few other items of value. However, the rapper’s concern right now is the chain. Here’s a closer photo of the chain in question: (and yes, that’s Lil’Kim next to Sun) Sun is offering a $20,000 cash reward, no questions asked, for the return of the chain. If you know where it is, Tweet @Sun_Days on Twitter & let him know. In this economy, we could all use a little something extra for our troubles. (If I were in Houston, instead of in this ridiculous NYC heat, I would be PERSONALLY invading the Alamo looking for this thing. Call me Pancho Villa if you want…a girl’s got investments to make.)