This Harry-Potter Themed Cocktails Contains An Ingredient That Could Kill You!

(PCM) A mixologist by the name of Romeo Palomares takes his bar tending skills and Harry Potter fandom to an all new level with his latest cocktail creation for Mexico City’s bar Luciferina. The new cocktail, which as been recently added to their menu, is called Aragog named after Hagrid’s pet spider from the Harry Potter franchise. The menu promises that those who order the drink are in for a unique experience, that is if they survive, as the drink contains actual tarantula venom. We should note that the drink does not contain nearly enough tarantula venom to actually kill a person, but still the idea of willingly drinking poison makes us shake our heads in disbelief. The Aragog cocktail consists of mezcal, Chilean pisco, Brazilian cachaça, mango juice, lime, and 0.05% of tarantula venom per 500 ml of drink. Palomares claims that taking just a small drop of tarantula venom in your mouth numbs your tongue and gives the throat a feeling of cramping and a tingling sensation that can last for several hours. Not really sure what would be pleasurable about experiencing any of those sensations while out for a drink, but hey to each their own! The bar recommends that if you should order the drink, take large sips so that all of the ingredients will combine in your mouth at once. If they say so! Despite being huge Harry Potter fans ourselves, I think we will stick with some good ol’ Butter Beer and give the Aragog a pass.