Happy Birthday, Kevin Bacon! Let’s Celebrate with a Weekend of Bacon!

(PCM) Whether it’s Kevin Bacon, Francis Bacon or the delicious bacon we have for breakfast, everybody loves bacon, right? Well, in honor of Kevin Bacon’s birthday this weekend – on July 8, he’ll be turning 54! – we’ve put together a list of ways that you can show your love for the actor and the food to celebrate his birthday in the best possible way – with plenty of bacon!   Celebrate with: Kevin Bacon Well, he is the man of honor, so clearly there has to be some quality Kevin Bacon viewing to have a real Bacon celebration. Whether you curl up with a film or have it on as background for a get together, with unforgettable roles in movies like Footloose, Animal House, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13, Hollow Man, Mystic River, Death Sentence, Tremors, Frost/Nixon, The Air I Breathe, X-Men: First Class and many, many more, Kevin Bacon has a movie on his ever-expanding IMDB page for everyone to enjoy.     The Bacon Brothers Look, he’s the man of honor, so it’s okay that Kevin makes the list more than once! In case you can’t watch one of his movies, then why not check out his music? The Bacon Brothers, which include Kevin and his older brother Michael, have been a band for nearly two decades, so there is plenty of music to keep you entertained throughout the weekend! Feeling a little overwhelmed at where to start? Well, they did just release a “Best Of” album in mid-June called “Philadelphia Road” that may just be the best place to start.     Sir Francis Bacon Come on, if someone’s last name is bacon they should either be added to the Bacon Party guest list or at least googled this weekend. We’re not saying you should go to the library and do a study session on this scientist and philosopher, but it can be kind of fun to brush up on history and find out the fun facts.       Adam Poch, Big Brother 13 Contestant Wait… he doesn’t have bacon in his name… should he be on this list? Well, if you know anything about the man then you know he definitely should be! Last summer, he introduced himself to his fellow houseguests, saying three things about himself – one being his immense love for bacon. So, if you are looking for someone to celebrate the wonders of bacon with this weekend or you just want to rave about the latest bacon concoction you discovered, we think the perfect bacon confidant is none other than Adam, @HeavyMetalTeddy. Besides… a new season of Big Brother is coming up and what better way to gear up than remember favorite contestants from the past?     Bacon Focused Food Trucks Food Trucks are a rising trend in the world of delicious and affordable cuisine and with each passing day, new trucks and new concepts are being created and brought to the public. Bacon love has taken a great step forward with these trucks, especially in California, where you can find trucks solely dedicated to the wonder of bacon like San Francisco’s Bacon Bacon, Orange County’s Bacon Mania and Los Angeles’ Lardon. If you live in these cities, why not go give them a try? Fort Worth, Texas also has a chance to celebrate with The Bacon Wagon and we’re sure there are a few more bacon-loving trucks throughout the country, too. Spread the word if you know of one… especially on the east coast!     Bacon! Yes, it’s an obvious thing to include on the list, but eating bacon is absolutely essential to any proper bacon celebration.  And we’re not just talking a “side of bacon.” Whether you have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s up to you, but there is no shortage of scrumptious meals to make from the ultimate source of the celebration. From bacon and eggs to a BLT or a bacon cheeseburger to the simplicity of a bacon sandwich with a few pieces of bacon on a Kaiser roll, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge during this weekend of bacon.     Bacon for Dessert We all know about eating bacon for our main meals – well, we hope everyone knows that it is much more than just a breakfast food! But it’s even more than that, because it’s inspired a whole new array of sweet treats and intriguing desserts. Feeling adventurous enough to try a bacon sundae or some bacon ice cream? How about a bacon donut? While you’re at it, have some candied bacon – bacon covered in brown sugar, sugar and/or cinnamon. The world of bacon for dessert is continuing to grow and while it may not make for the most healthy of snacks or treats, this is a celebration people! We’re allowed to indulge every now and then.     Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon What’s a good party without a little entertainment? This game doesn’t even need much more than your own brain and film knowledge. While it’s a widespread belief that every actor can be connected back to Kevin Bacon, it’s endless fun to test the theory and your own movie trivia and see whether you can come up with someone who isn’t connected to the birthday boy. There are plenty of varieties on the game to employ, as well. Whether you are going head to head with someone to see who can connect a given actor to Kevin in the least amount of degrees or trying to find an actor the furthest number of steps away from him, if you love movies, this will keep bacon on the brain all weekend long.     Bacon Merchandise Believe it or not, there are plenty of little bacon knick knacks you can find at all sorts of places, but there’s nothing like some non-stop bacon shopping. Whether you’re actually going to order something or if you just want to see what on earth the world can associate bacon with next, the internet is the perfect place to search for bacon merch. One of my favorite quirky places to shop online from is Perpetual Kid and they have an entire section, “Bacon Love,” dedicated to all things bacon – there you’ll find crazy items like bacon ties, bacon candles, bacon wrapping paper, bacon necklaces, bacon alarm clocks, bacon air fresheners and plenty of other bacon goodies to keep the weekend going.     Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful weekend of Bacon! Feel free to share your stories or other suggestions on how to spend a weekend honoring the most important bacon in your life – whether it’s Kevin, Francis, Michael or the kind you cook. Bacon makes everything better.