Happiness According to Mandy Moore

I’m missing you like Candy Mandy Moore! Actually, I have to say I prefer the current brunette version of the pop singer as opposed to when she debuted her first album in December of 2009. Although Candy was a bubbly, popular song – I really appreciate how she has matured. Back in the day I thought she was a typical young star who would end up down the wrong path… blah, blah, blah. But, she has really done well for herself. The most recent things I have seen her in movies such as A Walk to Remember (old classic), Scrubs episodes, and heard her voice on animated flicks like Tangled. I must say I am very inspired by her continuous career moves, and she does all of that with a big smile. She recently dished to E! Online her three rules for living a happier and healthier life. Get out those notepads: 1) Everything in Moderation 2) Get Plenty of Sleep and Drink Lots of Water 3) Move Your Body! I must say that all three of those things might be stuff you have heard before, but doesn’t make them any less true. First, I know it is not good to overindulge in ANYTHING. Even if something is good for you like grapes, too much of that sugar could be harmful. You always want to balance everything in your life, while at the same time not depriving yourself. Second, I can’t agree more with getting plenty of sleep. Without sleep I am like an extra on the set of the Walking Dead. I can’t truly enjoy anything happening throughout my day unless it is coffee-induced, and who wants to be dependent on $4 Cafe Mochas from the Bucks. I must say I find water kind of boring, but do agree it is essential for a healthy body. And finally, I should move my body more. Even if it is when I dance in my room. Those endorphins will keep you smiling!