Hall of Fame Line Backer Helps Out Kids With Cancer

“He’s incredibly gracious,” said New Jersey’s Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro in response to spending some time with retired New York Giants linebacker Harry Carson. Murro, his wife Kelly, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Kim Granatell, and NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson were seen attending the Emmanuel Cancer Fund for children’s Hollywood Bash in Ridgewood, on Saturday January 8th. Kim Granatell, also known as “Kim G” from the reality show, invited her good friend Murro to this New Jersey charity event. After speaking to the program’s coordinator, Murro found out there would not be any other celebrities at the charitable event. Being a magnet of celebrities, he immediately got on the phone and reached out to his fellow Franklin Lakes neighbor Harry Carson. Murro had met the former player only once before at a local Starbucks. This time when he spoke to Carson, the conversation was about the Emmanuel Cancer Fund. He explained how the organization’s goal is to raise emergency money for New Jersey’s children with cancer and their families by providing emotional, material, and the much-needed financial support. “If you brought a football for their silent auction, I’m sure that would be tremendous for them,” said Murro over the phone to Carson. This would be more than just a treat for any sports fans in the audience, since each football Carson signs is quite valuable. The guests at the event anxiously awaited Carson’s arrival. Murro spent time taking photos with Kim G for a (201) Magazines photographer. Murro asked the photographer when he planned to leave the event, and he replied, “after Harry Carson gets here.” Clearly, Carson was a highlight for all. After attending another event in the area, Carson arrived at the ECF event with his beautiful wife Maribel, a football, a helmet, and pen in hand. There was no doubting this Hall of Famer was a former football linebacker. “I think I’m a pretty big guy, but next to him I’m like little a girl,” said Murro after posing for photos with Carson. To Continue Reading… Click HERE!