Grumpy Cat Makes A Holiday Music Video

(PCM) Everyone’s favorite viral sensation Grumpy Cat has gotten into the holiday spirit (at least sort of) and she, along with some of her other internet cat comrades have made a Christmas themed music video. The delightfully catchy jingle titled “Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas” was sponsored by Friskies and along with Grumpy Cat features Oskar The Blind Cat, Colonel Meow, Nala Cat, and who could forget, Hamilton the Hipster Cat. You can even download the song here! Friskies¬†will donate a can of wet cat food to help a cat in need for every view of the music video, up to 500,000 views. The food will go to cat charities chosen by the owners of the internet famous cats. Wonder if this could be the first of many music videos from this feline supergroup of sorts? The video has already surpassed over 600,000 views and it is sure to brighten up your day and has certainly done its’ part to make many a cats holiday wishes come true!