“Got Milk?” Slogan To Be Replaced After 20 Years

Britney-milk1(PCM) For the past 20 years we have been seeing ad’s from the Milk Processor Education Program that feature the organizations short and sweet slogan “Got Milk?”. These ads usually featured a famous celebrity or athlete with a milk mustache. It has now been revealed that after all these years the organization is rolling out a new ad campaign, as well as, a new slogan. “Got Milk?” is being replaced with “Milk Life”. The ultimate goal of the new slogan is to highlight the nutritional benefits of milk. The company felt like its’ “Got Milk?” campaign was getting a bit stale after 20 years, so they are hoping with the new campaign and slogan they will once again regain the attention of consumers. The campaign will of course include print ads, but will also heavily incorporate both TV and digital ads and instead of featuring celebrities the ads will focus on everyday American’s.

  What do you think of the new slogan? ┬áDo you think they should have left well enough alone?