Google Wants You to be A Pokémon Master!

google_pokemon_day_by_newmanez18-d30blov(PCM) Google is well known for creating fun easter eggs on the internet and providing internet users with interactive adventures and games, and this April Fool’s Day, they’ve upped the ante and definitely grabbed the attention of anyone between the ages of 10-25. Every April Fool’s Day, Google pranks the internet with a fun and silly hoax of some sort; in 2004, Google posted a new position with the company to work at their new branch on the moon, in 2005, they introduced Google Gulp, a fictitious drink that would optimize one’s use of Google. In 2007, Google introduced the fictitious Google Paper, and in 2013 Google introduced Google Treasure map mode. Since it’s already April 1st in Australia and Japan, Google has introduced this year’s April Fool’s fun: you can now become a Pokémon Master! Google wants you to hone those Pokémon capturing skills and use Google Maps in the “Pokémon Challenge” to capture as many Pokémon as you can. The Pokémon Challenge works by enabling the Pokémon mode on Google Maps on your smart phone and navigating to different places, capturing Pokémon along the way. The person who captures the most Pokémon, wins the Pokémon Challenge, and becomes the ultimate Pokémon Master will then take up their new job as Pokémon Master at Google. As a soon-to-be graduated college senior, I really wish this were a real position. Watch the video for Google’s Pokémon Challenge below and start your April Fool’s Day off early by catching some Pokémon! Gotta catch ’em all!!