Go Daddy Pulls Controversial Puppy Ad Prior To The Super Bowl


(PCM) Amid a ton of critical backlash on social media Go Daddy has announced their decision to pull their controversial puppy commercial from airing during the Super Bowl. The ad, which was titled “Journey Home” featured an adorable puppy that get lost after falling out of the back of a pick-up truck. “Buddy” (the puppy) eventually manages to find his way home and his owners are overjoyed to see him … why? Because they have just sold him online using a website they created from Go Daddy. Immediately everyone was up in arms about the commercial, as it was seen as promoting private breeding and puppy mills. A petition was started via Change.org to have the commercial pulled. Those offended by the ad claim that there are plenty of shelter dogs who are searching for forever homes or to be euthanized. The petition also states that Go Daddy is also promoting the purchasing of animals offline and to portray animals rights as something funny or satirical is very irresponsible and cruel of the company.

  There was a news release on Go Daddy’s website prior to the airing of the commercial which stated that “Buddy” had been adopted by the company and has the role of Chief Companion Officer. The release also mentioned the planned Super Bowl commercial that featured “Buddy”. The ad’s creator claims that it was created to “reflect the journey of small business owners who have to be tenacious to triumph”. ┬áIt was also rumored to be Go Daddy’s way of poking a little bit of fun at the Budweiser commercials that also feature a puppy. Go Daddy said they were floored by the amount of highly emotional and direct responses they received after previewing the ad and upon serious consideration reached the ultimate decision to pull the ad from the Super Bowl. The company already has a back-up ad in place, which makes us suspicious that they many have already expected something like this to come out of the “Buddy” ad, and they promise to deliver laughs during the Big Game. .