Girl Scout Cookies Enter The Digital Age!


(PCM) For the very first time you will not be able to order Girl Scout Cookies online rather than waiting for door-to-door sales or that ever popular table or booth set up outside your local supermarket. The 112-year old Girl Scout organization has recently revealed their Digital Cookie platform online and will begin taking sales on December 12th. The Girl Scout organization has always discouraged online sales in the past, as they did not want any web skilled Scouts or their parents to build epic web sites for sales that would be able knock out any competition in the area. The organization feels that with their new Digital Cookie platform they have leveled the playing field and it will allow all Girl Scouts to learn 21st century skills in the field of technology. They will also gain interpersonal skills by still continuing to sell cookies in the traditional fashion of both door-to-door and tables as well. Despite, orders being accepted via the Digital Cookie Platform this month, the traditional Girl Scout Cookie season begins in January.