Get The Inside Scoop About The Hollywood Boxing Federation And Promoter Damon Feldman!

No matter your opinion of Philadelphia area “celebrity boxing” promoter Damon Feldman, all of us are at least somewhat bitten by the curiosity bug when we hear about the upcoming, and often ridiculous pairings of celebrities that are set up to duke it out in the boxing ring during some of the fights promoted by Damon’s Hollywood Boxing Federation. Feldman often receives criticisms that his fights don’t follow the rules of regulation boxing, etc, etc….however let’s face it people are these celebrities actually “real” boxers?  The answer is no and most of these “fights” are only to serve the purpose of settling supposed celebrity feuds and to give these “D-List” celebrities just a little more face time before their fifteen minutes in the spotlight begins to dim. To quote Feldman “Hollywood Boxing Federation is the WWE of boxing” which is an excellent point.  These fights are put on for entertainment purposes and certainly attract their fair share of media attention, they are not meant to be a slap in the face to the sport of professional boxing and need to stop being viewed in that way.  The Hollywood Boxing Federation is more about the spectacle and less about the substance, it is as Feldman says “a novelty” and more about these celebrities coming out and having fun with the fight, while providing the audience a chance to see them up-close and personal in a unique setting. We had a chance to speak with Damon Feldman about what is coming up next for Hollywood Boxing Federation, the event he has been looking forward to the most, his work on Michael Lohan’s new reality show “The Lohan Project”, and his involvement with various charities.

Important Dates: July 22nd: Casting call for “The Lohan Project” with Michael Lohan. The show will take twelve individuals to Hollywood and teach them how to “survive”

August 5th: Charity Fight at the Pennant East between Sara Lee (co-host of the Nick Cannon Show) and Christina (cast member Bad Girls Club Miami)