Get Ready To Fall In Love With ‘Tape Face’


(PCM) What we adore so much about a show like “America’s Got Talent” is that with so many various and quite eclectic acts gearing up to compete for a spot in the live show you never quite know what you are going to witness. The reality competition series features so much more than just singing and dancing acts, there is everything from acrobatics and stunts to comedians and magician and …. Tape Face! Yes, we and the rest of America fell in love with quite the unique audition from a man known as ‘Tape Face’ or “The Man With Tape On His Face”. Just when we feel that we have truly seen it all on “America’s Got Talent” someone new will step up and provide us with something we have never seen before. “Tape Face” is a prop comedian who hails for New Zealand and apparently has quite a following. His real name is Sam Wills and has been successfully touring the world with is one man comedy routine, but it now appears he is ready to broaden out to an even wider audience on national TV. At first the judges, as well as, the audience appeared to be a bit confused by his appearance, but by the end of the audition “Tape Face” received a standing ovation and the approval of all four judges on his truly hysterical and talented audition. Check it out below:

If you are still a bit confused as to what exactly “Tape Face” does, definitely check out his official website for more information and a little more insight!