Get in Bed with Justin Bieber!

That Bieber Fever won’t go away with bed rest, that is, not now that he can be in bed with you! Justin Bieber has reportedly signed a deal with Lady Sandra Home Fashions to create a line of Bieber bedding! According to Maria De Stefano, the company’s art director, they are creating different looks based on the ‘rock star’ Justin, the ‘laid back’ Justin, and of course, the ‘dreamy’ Justin.  And hopefully you like purple because it’s the core color for the line (it is his favorite color and all, but you should know that)! The new line will be available sometime in November, and don’t worry, your entire bed set is covered! You can find him on pillows, sheets and comforters in all his different looks. Perhaps try a little mix-and-match action – ‘rock star’ Justin on your sheets and ‘dreamy’ Justin on your pillow?  Sounds like a plan to me. Good work Biebs…looks like you’ll be making more than one “less lonely girl”!