Get Fresh Baked Pizza…From a Vending Machine?

Pizza from a vending machine is all the rage in Europe, and thanks to Italian inventor Claudio Torghel, this automated chef will be coming to a theme park, grocery store, mall, or airport near you! For the past three years, Europeans have been chowing down on vending machine pizza, which is made from scratch and heated up in two minutes flat in one convenient vending machine. The appropriately named “Let’s Pizza” contraption will be brought the U.S. according to its distributor, A1 Concepts. A1 Concepts CEO Ronald Rammers explained that the pies cook at such a fast rate inside the machines thanks to an infra-red oven. The company plans to distribute vending machines around the country at colleges, gas and bus stations, and even hospitals. Rammers said he firmly believes that the vending machines will do well in the United States. “Let’s Pizza is a huge success in Europe and especially in Italy,” he said. “That was proof for us that we have very good pizza.” ┬áIf the Italians approve, it must be pretty good! Rammers also revealed that a major theme park in Florida is interested in acquiring a machine. Disney World? Universal Studios? The CEO would not disclose that information and only time will tell but delivery boys beware, these big red vending machines may just replace your jobs. Check out the poorly dubbed commercial below to find out how “Let’s Pizza” works.