Get Back At It With The White Vans! Viral #DamnDaniel Video Is Breaking The Internet!


(PCM) The hashtag #DamnDaniel is the latest viral trend sweeping social media and it is even beginning to garner the attention of some major brands and advertisers. The trend began after a Riverside High School student named Josh, filmed his friend Daniel Lara walking around in a variety of different shoes and outfits with a cartoon-like voice over saying “Damn Daniel”.  The hashtag #DamnDaniel accompanied the video on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram and it has since spread like wildfire. The video clips were initially all filmed in Snapchat, but they have since been compiled into a much larger video. Both Daniel and Josh are thrilled with the reaction that the video has been receiving. Daniel says “Josh, and I are stoked by all this. Thank you guys”, while Josh adds “Love making people laugh”. In the video clips Josh hilarious compliments Daniel on his outfit choices, however he especially shows some love to Daniel’s shoes “back at it with the white Vans”. The quote has captured the attention of the Vans shoe company who have since quoted the video, as well as, companies such as Clorox Bleach.  The video has inspired numerous memes, as well as, a dance remix! Isn’t the internet a strange and wonderful place? Get ready to hear “Damn, Daniel” just about everywhere for the next few weeks or so!