Gaga & Maria…’Born this Way’ Duet

Justin Bieber watch out!! Maria Aragon, future Gaga superstar has made her way into the Hollywood limelight. At age ten, if you have not already seen the already 9 million viewed YouTube video, you are missing out. Maria Aragon, from a town in Manitoba, Canada called Winnipeg, has swept the nation by storm. Her recent appearance at the HOT 103 studios in Winnipeg was accompanied by a surprise call into the station by non other than Lady Gaga herself. A heartfelt conversation between the two superstars was inspiring and goes a little like this… Gaga: Hello my gorgeous Maria who is so beautiful and is so famous over Youtube. Maria:  Thank you, thank you so much! Hot 103: What stuck you most Lady Gaga about Maria’s performance of your song? Gaga: Well I want to tell you Maria, not only do have such a beautiful voice and are so joyful to watch, but once in a while whether people believe it or not I have a very bad day. And I was not having such a good day and when Perez Hilton sent me the video of you singing “Born this Way” I was so overjoyed that I began to cry. I was so happy. This industry is very difficult to women sometimes and they want to tear us down and tear us apart. I worked really hard on “Born this Way” for so long and I knew the world would rip it to shreds when it came out. But when I saw you so young and so beautiful singing those words so purely, it reminded me as to why I wrote the song in the first place. And it reminded me as to why I make music. Thank you so much for making my day better and thank you so much for reminding me about why I am passionate about what I do and never give up on your dreams, Maria. Maria: Thank you so much…thank you (here she begins to cry) Gaga: Do you have anything you want to ask me darling? Maria: Where do you get your outfits? Gaga goes on to inform Maria of her fabulous team of friends, Haus of Gaga who designs and creates her outrageous and sometimes scantily-clad uniforms. The Hot 103 team presented Maria earlier with tickets to the Gaga concert in Toronto later on this year. When Gaga was made aware of this, she invited Maria to sing a duet with her on stage during the concert. The expression on Maria’s face was priceless. Check out the video below.

Next week, Maria is said to be appearing on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and potentially the Ellen DeGeneres show! Stay tuned for for Maria Aragon updates as she heads into the world as our next teen idol, or shall I say tween? By: Lauren Fleishman