‘Friends’ Mega Fan Actually Counted The Total Number Of Coffees Consumed On The Series

(PCM) Talk about dedication and super fandom! Twitter users and mega “Friends” fan Kit Lovelace (@kitlovelace) actually took the time to re-watch all 236 episodes of the cult hit series and count the number of coffees consumed by The Gang over the course of the entire show. Ready for the answer? During the ten season run of the series, the “Friends” gang consumed a whopping 1, 154 cups of coffee. My heroes! Lovelace also managed to break down just how much coffee was consumed by each character as well and put everything together in an infographic for easy reference. According to Lovelace’s research it appears that Phoebe was the biggest caffeine junkie drinking 227 cups of coffee on the show, however Chandler comes in a close second with 212 cups of joe. Rachel consumed the least amount of coffee with only 138 cups throughout the course of the show. It should also be noted that while Phoebe may have consumed the most about of individual cups of coffee during “Friends” extensive run, Chandler was the one who drank the most cups of coffee during a single season coming in at a whopping 36! Lovelace put together multiple graphs showcasing his findings. It appears that as the series continued on, “The Gang’s” overall coffee consumption decreased, or perhaps they were just getting tired of the “Central Perk” offerings. Lovelace also tallied up what their bill would have been for that many cups of coffee and it equals out to a whopping $2,000. Hmm … maybe that is why they got to “reserve” the same table all the time? You can check Lovelace’s infographics below: