Former NY Giant Harry Carson Had His Football For Charity Stolen

N.J.’s Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Kim Granatell, and NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson were last seen together on January 8th at the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation fundraiser for children in Ridgewood, N.J. The retired New York Giants linebacker donated several items for the auction: a signed Hall-of-Fame mini-helmet and an autographed football, which would collectively garner the charity $450 that evening. After the auction, however, Murro and Kim G realized the signed mini-helmet Carson donated for charity was missing. As the New Jersey housewife explained in her “Keepin’ It Real With Kim G” blog, “We looked around and couldn’t find it. Not near another item, not behind or under the table. It was gone, gone, gone. I felt really bad. Tom felt bad. Should we tell Harry Carson? What should we do? Should we ask him to sign another one? Really, what do we do?” The two of them did not have to worry much longer about informing the former athlete of the situation, because he got wind of the incident and contacted CelebrityMagnet via email to remedy the situation. “I see that the mini helmet I donated was swiped,” wrote Carson. “I would be happy to provide a replacement.” Murro was ecstatic to see this “Giant” offer pop up in his e-mail. According to the Giants Football blog, Murro proceeded to thank the star, explain to him further the situation of the missing item, and spoke of his suggestions for the replacement helmet. “At this point I would put it up for auction with our friends at, and donate all of the proceeds to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation directly,” replied Murro. “I can swing by anytime you are free to pick it up.” “Actually, if it helps the charity, I would be willing to personally deliver the item if the highest bidder is in the NY/NJ area,” Carson wrote back. He offered not only to sign another piece of memorabilia for the auction and personally deliver it to the winner, but also he insisted he donate a full-sized Giants “Throwback Replica Helmet” instead of a mini-helmet. Murro was once again shocked by this man’s kindness and passion for the charity. In order for fans to get a better idea of why this man’s signature is worth every penny that is paid, just look back at Carson’s career. According to his official Web site, Carson’s 13-year stint with the New York Football Giants is one of the longest tenures in club history. The indestructible former linebacker served as Team Captain for 10 of his 13 seasons including the 1986 season when the Giants defeated the Denver Broncos 39-20 in Super Bowl XXI. Rated the #1 “Inside Linebacker” in NFL history according to Pro Football Weekly, Carson was named to the All-Rookie Team after his first NFL season. Subsequently, during his NFL career, he was named to the All-NFL Team 7 times, the All-NFC Team 8 times, and NFC Linebacker of the Year twice. He once made an amazing 25 tackles in a Monday Night Football Game against the Green Bay Packers. With performances like that he was selected by his peers to play in the NFC-AFC Pro Bowl 9 times. He is among the top 250 players to ever play professional football with his induction as the 231st member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Besides signing football gear for charities, this retired player puts his penmanship to other uses. St. Martin’s Press will be putting out his new book, “Captain For Life”. “Captain is my own first person narrative and personal journey through my early years, my 21 year football career, and life after football,” states Carson. “It is my personal account of injuries sustained playing the game and specifically concussions I gave and received as a football player and my experiences living with the lingering-after effects.” He wears a lot of hats… or helmets and has a lot of wins under his belt. Now he will be awarding these helmets to other winners. Let’s hope this time someone doesn’t pull off another interception.