Former Convict Sues Over Website Trying To Bring “Sexy” Back

(PCM) In the last few years a Florida woman became the center of an internet meme that was circulating with various titles including “attractive convict”. The woman, whose real name is┬áMeagan Simmons, is now suing a website for the using of her mugshot image to make a profit.


Simmons, a 28-year old mother of four, was arrested back in 2010 on a drunk driving charge and ever since her mugshot photo was released it has been making the rounds on the internet and has popped up near the top of the list on nearly all of the “hot mugshot” lists all over the net.┬áSimmons’ DUI charge was eventually reduced to reckless driving, a misdemeanor that resulted in a fine. Simmons claims that the website, is now using her mugshot image to advertise their company which specializes in the online public records searches. The ad features Simmons’ mugshot and is followed by the words “Sometimes, the cute ones aren’t so innocent”. Simmons hired an attorney and is now suing the website for the use of her image. Her lawyer claims that despite the fact that the image has been used in a joking fashion on the internet, to use it to promote a company requires some sort of compensation.