Florida Mom Survives A Hostage Situation By Ordering Pizza Online


(PCM) This particular case is one of the many ways in which the growth of technology has been an absolute blessing. A Florida mother named Cheryl Treadway was able to not only possibly save her own life, but the lives of her children by putting technology to use and ordering a pizza online, along with a plea for help, during a hostage situation. Treadway and her three children were allegedly being held hostage in their home in Avon Grove, Florida by her live-in boyfriend Ethan Earl Nickerson. The pair were arguing about Nickerson’s drug use when he then armed himself with a knife after she made an attempt to escape the home with her children. He also took away her cellphone leaving her without any way to call for help. Sometime during the ordeal, Treadway convinced Nickerson to allow her to order a pizza online. In the comments section of the online ordering system, Treadway smartly typed “Please help! Get 911 to me!”, she also wrote “911 hostage help”. Treadway is a frequent customer at the local pizza place and the employees immediately recognized her name and contacted the authorities. When police arrive, Treadway was able to escape the home with her baby, however it took authorities over 20 minutes of hostage negotiations with Nickerson to get him to eventually exit the home and release the two other children. Nickerson was immediately arrested and faces charges including aggravated assault, battery and false imprisonment.