Florida Hotel Wakes Spring Breakers With The Lion King


(PCM) This story was too good not to share! ┬áThe Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach, Florida found quite the unique way to get vacationing Spring Breakers up and moving for check-out time by blasting “Circle Of Life” from the Lion King as a massive wake-up call. The very special wake-up call begins promptly at 11am each morning and it has truly been a hit with visiting guests. Many have even begun calling the hotel to request the song be played during their stay. The hotel’s director says that the song works well because it has a very loud beat in it and it has a message that relates well to what kids are going through these days. No matter what he says, we just think it is hilarious! You now have Spring Break kids standing on balconies with Lion King stuffed animals and waving flags when the song begins! ┬áThere was even a guy stationed in the pool recently with his arms raised in the air mimicking the famous Disney film.