First Indian Model to Pose For Playboy

(PCM) Sherlyn Chopra, known as a “Bollywood Goddess” in India, will be the first Indian model to ever pose for Playboy magazine. The 28-year-old actress wrote to the magazine suggesting the idea herself, according to BBC reports. The magazine replied within a few days accepting Chopra’s offer to strip down naked, and now the actress is making history. Fans of Playboy will have to wait until the November issue to catch a glimpse of Chopra in her birthday suit. The news about Chopra’s spread was released in a press conference earlier this week. Chopra’s decision to grace the pages of Hugh Hefner’s magazine caused quite a stir in her native India, where the adult magazine is banned from circulation. The Bollywood actress seems unaffected by the controversy and said she is happy with her choice. “I have become the first Indian to pose naked for Playboy,” she said to the BBC, “and nobody can take away that achievement from me.” Critics have expressed disdain toward Chopra’s decision. A critic cited by the Daily Mail wrote,”one wonders if Sherlyn Chopra’s pictures wound a woman’s integrity.” The negativity has not repressed Chopra’s excitement and the actress uploaded snapshots from her tour of the famous Playboy mansion to her Twitter account.