Find Out How Much Twitter Owes You!

twitter1(PCM) TIME Magazine has put together a fascinating interactive post that allows individuals to enter their Twitter user name in a box and TIME will then calculate the approximate amount of money that Twitter owes that person. This study comes after Twitter has revealed a market capitalization of over $24.9 billion dollars. Several devoted Twitter users are firing back at the company claiming their tweets are what is being used to make bank for Twitter and they now want their cut. The company has over 230 million users, so that is definitely a lot of customer complaints to filter. The TIME magazine study reveals that pop singer Justin Bieber, an avid tweeter, is owed nearly $21 million dollars, which the President is only owed a merely $5.16 million. Want to see how much you would be owed?  Check out the link to the TIME Newsfeed story below: Certainly gives us some food for thought and there has been no comment from Twitter in regards to any of the backlash.