Feminists Plan To Fix A “Very Masculine” Wikipedia

Wikipedia1(PCM) I am not sure I have ever thought about Wikipedia as being either masculine or feminine, however several groups of feminists find the site to be “very masculine” and plan to do something to fix it. Feminist groups from several universities are planning to take part in a massive “edit Wikipedia Day” to change much of what they feel is incredibly masculine about the site. As you know, Wikipedia is a free, volunteer run online encyclopedia, so it is unclear which pages or entries are the targets or which ones appear to be overly sexist. Some feminists are claiming that the problems are due to the fact that most Wikipedia users are male and the actual layout of the site itself appears to be very masculine in design. Next week, feminists are encouraged to change rewrite the online encyclopedia to make it less masculine. The event is a follow-up to last year’s similar edit-a-thon, when feminist sympathizers were called to edit “feminist thought” into Wikipedia articles. Again, I am not entirely sure where the feminist groups are pulling this information from, but I would like to statistically see the facts that state that most Wikipedia users are male and as for the layout design…would pink with flowers look better? Many of the feminist groups claim that it is not their life passion to make Wikipedia feminist, but the beauty of Wikipedia is that it is a public institution and people have the ability to change it. I just think it would be a bad thing to have Wikipedia swing too far one way or another. I can respect the feminist groups concerns, but I feel that Wikipedia needs to be sure to remain on neutral groups so that can be enjoyed by both males and female equally.