Ke$ha’s Fashion Favorite: The Butt of Humane Concern

A master of auto-tune with colorful electropop hooks, “Your Love is my Drug” singer, Ke$ha, has a new stimulant. The 24-year-old vocalist shares a craving for an addictive accessory with all other fashion fiends of our generation.  As edgy trendsetters and eager fad followers mix bird feathers into their locks, they forget that these custom quills had lethal consequences for thousands of birds and their backsides. Those dying to achieve Ke$ha’s grunge look are hardly cognizant of the fact that thousands of roosters are also dying to provide the style, flying in as some of fashion’s biggest martyrs. Apparently these dainty appendages worn on feminine heads come from rooster’s rear ends and can only be extracted from the animal once it has been killed. A Colorado farm explained that some  roosters are specially-bred and euthanized after their first birthdays so their velvety assets can be turned into consumers’ hair accents. The farm reportedly kills up to 1,500 roosters per week, yet still fails to meet demands of peculiar Ke$sha look-a-likes of  her rebellious, outcast kind. Humane societies aside,  fishing shop owners are too in an uproar! Unequal distribution has left the fish industry high and dry, lacking the feathers they attach to fishing reels and such, while salons flourish in their feather supply. All of this detriment to the animal kingdom seems worth it to Ke$ha’s  garbage chic followers and the “Tik Tok” star who looks like an inhabitant of that kingdom herself.