Facebook Will Debut “Reactions” For Status Updates


(PCM) Facebook users that have been clamoring for a “dislike” button for years now will be pleased to hear that the social media giant plans to roll out a huge upgrade in the next few weeks revealing the addition of “reactions”.  Facebook revealed last October that they would be testing “reactions” in a few select markets and thus far the response has been positive enough to allow the company to make the decision to release “reactions” worldwide. “Reactions” allow users to not just “like” a post on Facebook, but have other reactions such as love, wow, sad, or angry. Facebook is opting to use “reactions” rather that just a “dislike” button because they feel that the “dislike” button would spread too much negativity across the network. The company has been searching for quite some time for more ways that users could express their reaction to a status with a single button. As, a “like” isn’t always the best option especially for posts dealing with the death of a loved one, loss of a job or some type of natural disaster. So far, “reactions” has debuted in Spain, Ireland, Chile, the Phillipines, Portugal and Colombia and the company plans to unveil to the rest of the world soon, although now exact release date for the update has been revealed.